Vintage Hairstyles of the 1940s: A Practical Guide


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Perfect for Vintage Hair enthusiast: “Vintage Hair Styles of the 1940s – A Practical Guide”

A complete guide to the classic hair styles of the 1940s. This instructional book contains +1,000 colour photographs along with detailed step-by-step instructions, from award winning hair and Make-up artist, Bethany Jane Davies. The book is written for those wishing to re-enact the styles, model, or wear aspects of this elegant and influential style period. With this book you can achieve the styles for yourself at home, or for your clients in a salon, in the studio or on set.

The 1940s were an exciting time for women, heralding new looks and, crucially, new hair styles. The book begins by delving into the context and influences of that period, the glamour, the film stars and the role of women during the war the war. This book provides a complete guide to the hair style trends of this period, how they came about and clearly describes how they were achieved then and how they can be recreated today.

Included are both modern and traditional methods, teaching the fundamental techniques used in vintage hair styling, as well as troubleshooting tips and tricks.There is also a guide to hair accessories, make-up and nails, which will help complete that 1940s look.

* 30+ step-by-step hair tutorials
* Heat and wet setting
* 20+ unique pin-curl patterns
* Modern and Traditional Methods
* The Fundamental Techniques of styling
* Troubleshooting, tips and tricks
* Hair Accessories Guide
* Hair Styles of the Film stars
* Make-Up and Nail Tutorials to complete your vintage look
* Recipes for 1940s hair and beauty products, that you can make at home!

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