Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare for my hair/make up appointment?

Before your appointment look for pictures of styles you like. Bring or e-mail these (it can just be a picture on your phone).

If you have no idea what you would like, we can suggest a style for you, based on your hair and features.

With all our styling we aim to make them their most flattering, so you leave happy, feeling and looking the part!

Should I wash my hair before I come?

We recommend you come with unwashed hair 24/48 hours for any hair appointments.

Freshly washed hair can be flyaway and make some vintage styles difficult to achieve. Unless you have very oily hair please do not wash it right before the appointment. We often use dry shampoo to add some sculptability to hair and address and oily looking hair.

If you have to wash it, do not worry, but be aware the curls/style may not last as long, under their own weight.

How do I prepare for my bridal trial?

Before your trial, compile images of the styles you like. These do not have to be the finished styles, but will serve as inspiration for us to create your personal look.

We recommend you come to your trial with unwashed hair 24/48hrs.

Also, try not to use excessive amounts of conditioner before your hair trial, especially if you require a down style or you have naturally straight hair.

Please bring a picture of the dress with you and any hair accessories you will be wearing on the day, these will be placed as they will on the day. Do not worry if you have yet to purchase them or they have not arrived. We can accommodate for it in the style.

Do I need to pay a deposit for my wedding?

If we have discussed a date for your wedding and you have confirmed with me in an e mail then I will hold that date for you (just inquiring about a date does not confirm, you need to follow up with an e mail that you do intend to book me on the day)

Once you have confirmed by email I will not give that date away BUT please let me know if for some reason you change your mind and wish to cancel.

The deposit is paid after the trial (the amount will be 50% of the total cost of the wedding and is paid by bank transfer)

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